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Lawyers with heart and soul

Major interests. Many different parties. Time pressure. Changing regulations. We know the real estate sector like no other. Slangen Advocaten is an expert in the field of real property law and everything associated with it. We speak the language of all the parties involved in complex real estate issues. From contractors to the local municipality. From investors to tenants.

Get in touch to work with us as a full-service agency or to answer specific property questions. We don’t mind. Our knowledge of the real estate market allows us to quickly adapt to both and gives us high levels of empathy, allowing us to see things from your perspective. We can always find a satisfactory solution, without prejudice to any other parties. We might deal in real estate, but we’re not made of stone.

Real estate is a broad field of work and requires various areas of expertise. With us, you can find all the expertise you’ll need under one roof. We have many years of experience in construction disputes, joint ventures, drawing up contracts, turnkey projects, design and build, area development, investment property and project development.

Our clientele includes project developers, municipalities, investors, schools, healthcare institutions, contractor companies, owner associations and hotel chains.

Are you interested in finding out what we can do for you? Get in touch with us on 020 - 575 4930 or info@slangen-advocaten.nl.

Are you interested in finding out what we can do for you?