Construction law

It is always the case that many different parties are involved in construction projects. Architects, contractors and subcontractors, fitters, and investors. Each one of them with their own contracts and terms and conditions. A dispute over the implementation of a contract can cause you to run into difficulties. Our team helps you to find a workable solution so as to avoid any unnecessary delays.

We are familiar with all the terms and conditions common in construction, including the UAV 1989/2012, the UAV-GC 2000/2005, the SR 1997, the RVOI 1998/2001 and DNR 2005/2011.

We would also be pleased to help you with setting up and assessing your building contracts, and we can consult with you to help select the type of cooperation to suit you. We are happy to provide advice and litigation if necessary, both at the ordinary courts and the Court of Arbitration for the Building Industry.